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Program Requirement

The program’s structure

The Ph.D. Program in Economics is a full-time study program. Therefore students must register for all three semesters during the academic year. It contains totally 48 credits.  There are 4 compulsory courses during the first year (12 credits in total). The students are required to pass qualifying exam within 4th semester upon their entrance to the program. From the second year onward, the students will concentrate on their research. Publication and presentations in conference are mandatory to graduate from the program.

First year students

Students must register the program’s compulsory courses attaining no less than 3 points average out of the 4-point system.
Semester Course no. Course name Credit
1st 2952703 Advanced  Quantitative Economics 3
2952704 Seminar in Economics 3
2nd 2952701 Advanced Microeconomic Theory II 3
2952702 Advanced Macroeconomic Theory II 3
 • Qualifying exam
Students are eligible to take the Qualifying Examination after they have passed the compulsory courses and presented 2 seminar papers. Students must pass the Qualifying Examination within 4 academic terms after registration.
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 • Ph.D.Candidates 
1. Gain approval for thesis proposal within 3 academic years after registration  
2. After approval but before submission of thesis:
  • must present paper at a national seminar not less than 3 times OR
  • publish not less than 3 articles in a national or international academic journal OR
  • combination of both
  • University requirement for Ph.D.graduation: At least one article on thesis be published in an international academic journal
3. Final thesis examination
an oral defense must be completed within 5 years after registration  

 Language Requirement

   Second language requirement for native - English speaking student by university regulation.
  Testing to be arranged by University Language Institute / University Testing Center before graduation.

 Student Thesis Advisory Committee

One major advisor (Faculty Member)
Co - advisors (Faculty / Non - Faculty Member; Thai/Foreign)

Thesis Defense Committee(5-7 members)

Chairperson (Department Chairman / Designated by Dean)
Major Advisor (Faculty Member)
Co - advisors (Faculty / Non - Faculty Member; Thai / Foreign)
One External Reader (Thai / Foreign) 
Unanimous decision required for passing 

Language for Thesis Writing

     Student can request to write thesis in English.

Language for Student Seminar

    Seminar papers and presentation must be in English to facilitate international audience
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