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Funding Opportunities

Both domestic and international students admitted to the program without an external source of funding with satisfactory progress will receive funding from the program after finishing all coursework. There are also funding opportunities from Chulalongkorn University offering to both newly admitted students and the students who have finished coursework.

The program’s fellowship and teaching assistantship

The Ph.D. program in Economics offers two types of scholarships: (1) scholarship for distinguished achievement and (2) teaching assistant scholarships.  Both funds are available after the third semester of the first academic year and students are eligible for funding until the end of their fourth-year.  Funding for fifth-year student is possible, but is not guarantee.  The funding is given semester-by-semester and is subjected to student’s academic performance.

- Scholarship for distinguished achievement is awarded to the student with outstanding academic performance.  One scholarship is given to the best student in their class year.  The student who receives the scholarship required to work as a teaching assistant for the Ph.D. program. This scholarship includes the full-fee and tuition (76,000 Baht per semester) and a monthly salary (8,000 Baht per month for four months).

- Teaching assistant scholarships are awarded to students who pass all the Ph.D. program requirements.  Students are given tuition (57,000 Baht per semester) and are eligible to apply for teaching assistantships from the Department of Economics.  If the students are receiving the teaching assistant scholarship, they are required to teach a tutoring session for the undergraduate course.  Other responsibilities may include grading homework and quizzes.  However, there is no guarantee for the assistantship since this depends on the decision of the Department of Economics.

- The program also offers financial supports for the students who plan to present their paper in international conferences.
For more information on the criteria for both funding from the Ph.D. program, please see link.

Funding opportunities from Chulalongkorn University

  • The graduate school is also provided funding for students who are working on dissertation or pass the graduate school requirements. However, some of the funding is for Thai students. For more information, please see the graduate school’s website at
  • For students from ASEAN countries, the graduate school offer funding opportunities. For more information, please see the following guides from the graduate school:
  • For more information about other sources of funding, please visit the Graduate School website ( This website contains basic information detailing the funding resources available at Chulalongkorn University, as well as contact information for initiating a search for other sources of funding.

1. Fund Criteria and Rates for Payments 2014 (B.E. 2557)
2. Announcement Regulations of the Scholarship

1. Application form for Scholarship
2. Asking Form for Approval to Present and Publish Paper
3. Form 1 - Application Form for Financial Support to Present an Academic Paper
4. Form 2 - Reimbursement Form for Financial Support to Present an Academic Paper
5. Form 3 - Conference Report

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